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Coal Secy. stresses Energy Security & Sustainable Development

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The Ministry of Coal, under the guidance of Secretary, Coal Mr. Amrit Lal Meena, recently concluded a Seminar on Just Transition Roadmap in Mumbai. 

Delivering the keynote address on the Just Transition Mr.Lal emphasized the Government’s commitment to striking a delicate balance between energy security, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic development. He highlighted the need for comprehensive strategies, collaborative partnerships, and robust policy frameworks to facilitate a just transition. 

The session set the stage for a comprehensive exploration of key challenges and opportunities associated with the just transition, focusing on aspects such as renewable energy deployment, energy access, job creation, and social inclusion.

A short film on Sustainable & Environment-friendly Initiatives in Coal Sector was showcased which was well-appreciated by the participants. Report on Best Global Practices for Just Transition in the Coal Sector, booklets on Bio-reclamation/Plantation and Eco-parks/Mine Tourism, and the G20 Special Edition of MineTech on Just Transition were also released during the seminar. 

This platform aimed to foster a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning from fossil fuel-dependent economies to sustainable energy sources while ensuring social justice and inclusivity. The Just Transition Roadmap seeks to ensure a fair and equitable transition for workers, communities, and industries as the world shifts towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.


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