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VPA: Dawning a new era in Maritime & Shipping

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Major port Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) has exhibited remarkable performance in FY2023-24 under the visionary leadership of its chairman Dr M Angamuthu, IAS.

From operational excellence to strengthening and modernizing infrastructure to sustainability and green initiatives the port led by its chairman has been playing a pivotal role in enhancing India’s maritime infrastructure and environmental stewardship.

Operational Excellence: In the recently ended fiscal (FY 24) VPA achieved a record cargo throughput of 81.09 million tonnes, marking a 10% increase from the previous year, reflecting the port’s commitment to enhancing cargo handling efficiency. 

Similarly its container Terminal Growth Visakha Container Terminal (VCT) reported a 29% increase in operations, reinforcing its position as a regional transhipment hub in the Bay of Bengal. The port also registered impressive Financial Performance with 10% improvement in Operating Ratio.

Infrastructure Improvements: VPA has been undertaking a slew of projects for infrastructure up gradation such as Modernization of Fishing Harbour with a significant upgrade funded by Rs 176 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY). 

Similarly under the Asset Monetization through PPP Projects it has awarded four PPP projects worth Rs 720 crore, enhancing mechanization of operations and efficiency. 

Also the work for Custom Bound Area Enhancement was initiated to increase the area from 160 acres to 339 acres, alongside RFID gate management system implementation.

Boosting Connectivity: One of the most crucial aspects of an effective port is its efficient cargo evacuation. Recognizing this VPA is developing smart roads and rail networks within the port using IoT sensors for real-time traffic management. It is also improving rail and road connectivity to the hinterland to ensure smooth cargo movement. 

Strategic Initiatives and Global Collaboration: VPA has entered into 16 Memoranda of Understanding during the Global Maritime India Summit (GMIS) 2023, aimed at adopting best practices in port management and operations and exploring new opportunities for trade and connectivity.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies: The port has adopted digital twin technology for simulation and optimization of port operations and infra- structure development, Collaborated with Indian Railways Digital Twin project – 1 year, utilizing drones for surveillance and inspection within the port premises. 

It has also upgraded IT infrastructure to support the integration of new technologies.In addition it is using energy management systems powered by AI to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Skill Development and Training: Understanding the crucial need for skill development and training VPA has been conducting regular training programs for staff to enhance skills in modern cargo handling techniques, safety and technologies. 

It is promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation among employees – UTILIZING MISSION I-GOT KARMAYOGI – 100 days.

Environmental Sustainability and Green Initiatives: VPA has a strong focus on sustainability and thus under Harit Sagar and other Green Port Initiatives it signed a MOU with the AP Greening and Beautification Corporation to enhance the port’s aesthetic and environmental aspects.

It has also inked a MOU with HSL for procurement of green tugs and has undertaken numerous citizen-centric activities aimed at improving the quality of life for the residents of Visakhapatnam. These include development of parks and the beautification of roads.

VPA was also recognized as the top major port in the Swachchta Pakhwada Awards, underscoring its successful implementation of practices that minimize pollution and maintain cleanliness.

CSR activities: Visakhapatnam Port Authority is also a socially responsible port. It has invested Rs. 20 Crores under its CSR funds for Beach Nourishment.


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