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Tailored for India’s Construction Industry Imerys Launches Specialty Binder

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Imerys, a global leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry recently launched its new product Xeler Allroad designed exclusively for the Indian construction market. 

Xeler Allroad represents a new milestone in construction materials innovation, poised to elevate the performance and efficiency of construction projects across India.

As per an official press release from Imerys, Xeler Allroad is a specialty binder engineered to meet the exacting standards of Drymix Mortar manufacturers, addressing crucial criteria such as consistency, performance, color, and reactivity. 

This product seamlessly integrates into the composition of specialty mortars, working in tandem with other hydraulic binders such as Portland cement, calcium sulfate, and lime, as well as aggregates like limestone and silica sand. 

Additionally, it harmonizes with pozzolanic materials, polymers, and organic admixtures, adapting its properties to meet the specific requirements of each construction project said the release.

Commenting on the launch, Imerys Vizag Pvt ltd, Director Mr Segi Idicula said “Depending on the application, Xeler Allroad delivers a range of specific functions, including precise control of setting time, rapid hardening, enhanced mechanical strength, accelerated drying, size variation control, color stability, and long-lasting performance achieved through superior abrasion resistance.” 

As part of the launch a workshop was also organized on 16th Oct 2023 in Mumbai on the theme “Towards Sustainable Construction”. 

This workshop was co-hosted with the Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association (CCMA) of India, and it brought together key stakeholders and experts from the construction industry. 

Doing the commercial launch of Xeler Allroad, Mr. Jerome De Lievre, Vice President for Imerys Building & Infrastructure Solutions said, 

“It is inspiring and refreshing to witness the Indian construction sector’s accelerated growth (India will become the 3rd largest Construction market by 2025) and the increased demand for locally-produced, as well as sustainable construction practices. 

We are proud to be able to answer these needs by producing high-quality and innovative products locally at our Imerys Vizag plant”


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