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India has long been known as an agrarian country with still an overwhelming % of people employed in the agriculture sector.

It is to help these very farmers get a remunerative price for their produce Mr Aveen Dokala founded Farmkrate. The startup serves as a conduit between farmers and various stakeholders such as merchants and food processing companies. Farmkrate ensures that farmers receive the best prices for their harvest while meeting their needs. 

Revolutionizing agri-supply chains for efficiency & transparency, the startup claims to be a patented agri-tech platform to connect farmer’s & buyer’s. Recalling the inception of Farmkrate during COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Aveen said the company took proactive steps to procure produce directly from farmers and distribute it to approximately 4,000 households. 

“The vision of Farmkrate is to connect farmers with buyers around the world with the immediate payment to farmers, logistic support, and spot tracking,” said Mr Aveen. Farmkrate procures from farmers and immediately ships it from the same processing unit or farmer’s harvest place thereby neither storing it as bulk nor using warehouses.

The startup through its e-commerce website is connected to around 48,000 plus farmers helping buyers procure 1900 plus harvests depending on the seasons and requirements. Their current target audience includes wholesalers, Kiranas, merchants, retailers. 

From fresh fruits to vegetables to spices to dry fruits, Farmkrate offers a slew of variety on its website. 

In terms of revenue the startup works on a aggregator model which ranges from 7-12%. Going forward Farmkrate is exploring a way wherein farmer’s products can also be supplied in small quantities and sold to individual buyers through the D2C way in a full-fledged way. Mr Aveen further informed on use of a patent and Segritech where prices can be reckoned with the help of the app and the buyer gets the best price. 

Below is a brief snapshot of the Startup:

Founder: Aveen Kumar Dokala

Industry:Agritech, Food processing & manufacturing

Started Year:  2020

Number of Team Members :  6

Funding:  N/A

Claim to fame: Received award from Red FM

Market of Operation: Worldwide

Revenue: Rs 90 Lakhs (Last year) 

Company’s culture:   

     Aggressive       Methodical       Easy Going  

PTIM (Person that inspires me): Spiritual father Dr PJ Stephen Paul because he preaches to do  business righteously with interest and submission to God.


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