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Redefining Sweetness

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Have a sweet tooth but looking for a healthy and sustainable alternative to the rigorously processed sweet sugar? One such startup called PureMe Organics has taken upon them to redefine sweetness in a way that is organic, natural and healthy to consume and accessible to everyone at an affordable price. 

This Maharashtra based startup incubated at SKU in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh is not just working towards creating alternative agricultural sources which are natural organic and sustainable for the production of jaggery but also empowering rural farmers by developing an ecosystem for training farmers to engage in organic, natural & sustainable methods of cultivation for better crop yield and protection of land minerals to build a sustainable future for farmers.

The startup makes its revenue by procuring raw materials from farmers, which is then processed to make products for PureMe Organics. While their products are right now directly shared with the distributors, they will be entering the b2c market next month with their products available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. 

The company makes around five products that are co-created with the farmers and range from Jaggery products to nutritional foods with probiotic content. The Startup is also planning to expand their product ranges to coffee blends and tea blends and other additional functional foods and beverages. They claim to have already acquired around 100 customers in a months’ time. “I am working on agriculture because it is the backbone of our country. I believe when you progress you should uplift others with you and my company is based on exactly those values” says Dr Sharmilee Mane, founder PureMe Organics 

Since the company is working on empowering the rural farmers through technical and financial assistance their business model is focused on development and welfare of farmers. They have received grants and fundingsfrom Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare credit and have made a revenue of over 2 lacs so far in a short time. Moving forward the sustainable startup is looking to expand its presence Pan India as well as in UAE, Australia and Europe.

Below is a brief snapshot:

Founder’s Name :  Dr. Sharmilee Mane

Incubated/Started (Year):  SKU in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh and Manage Hyderabad in 2021

Industry / Space: Agriculture & Food and Processing

Number of Team Members : 5

Funding Received : 5 lac grants from Ministry of Agriculture and 10 lac Farmers Welfare Credit Link

Claim to Fame : Any certifications / awards:  NITI AAYOG Progressive Women Entrepreneur award. 

Market of Operation: PUNE, MUMBAI, NASHIK  and SOUTH INDIA

Revenues: Over 2 lacs revenue Profit sharing model

Company’s culture :

    Aggressive        Easy Going          Methodical & Progressive

PTIM (Person that inspires me):  My inspiration is my Mother as this is a Mother Daughter venture in which I have full support from my mother who is also the Co-Founder of this venture. I would say even my Grandfather, my Father and my Husband have been great support and inspiration for me.


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