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Nellore-based Agri equipment maker sows Automation seed

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KisanKraft Limited one of the largest small agriculture machinery companies in India which manufactures inter-cultivators (aka power weeders), gasoline engines, diesel engines, and water-pumps etc. has introduced two new machines at its Central Warehousing campus in SPSR Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.

These new machines i.e. a precision Robotic welding machine and an automatic hardware packing machine are said to increase precision and improve customer satisfaction.

‘A lot of the components are made inhouse at our factory. We have 13 patents for our farm machineries. These two new additions at our Nellore plant are continuing our commitment to build a world class factory for agriculture machines’ informed Mr Ravindra K Agrawal, Chairman, KisanKraft Limited speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

The Automatic Robotic Precision Welding Cell will be used for precision MIG welding for the components of our Inter-cultivators (aka power weeders).

The robot is taught by the plant’s welders to automatically weld the components with high accuracy. It performs high quality precise and faster welding, efficiently without any breaks, and much less splatter. This results in greater consistency, productivity, visual appeal of the products and reduces rework of components. Additionally, it increases employee safety.

Similarly the Automatic Hardware (Fastener) Packing Machine is used for counting and packing fasteners, which are to be included with our products. This machine can take up to 6 different types of hardware, accurately count and pack them in bags automatically.

There is a weight checking mechanism for additional verification to ensure that the correct quantity of fasteners are shipped, this machine also increases customer satisfaction stated Mr Agrawal.


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