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Making Machines Talk Effectively

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If you are an operations manager having to deal with multiple machines, how would it be if you had all of them communicate seamlessly with each other and importantly help you get all the relevant data in one place.

Well, this is where Spatika Technologies comes in. Helping Cos use IoT across their multiple machines procured from different OEMs.

Incubated at NASSCOM’s CoE in Visakhapatnam, the startup through its innovative product Transec gives operations manager all actionable data at their finger tips to effectively plan operations.

‘It’s a framework to connect any device or machine online. Operations managers don’t get a holistic view of data from machines as OEMs don’t support interoperability leading to operational inefficiencies and downtime’ said its co-founder and Chief application officer, Mr Srinivas Maddala.

While most of the companies still use manual reporting to get data from operations. This process Srinivas says is not only error prone and time consuming but also needs a dedicated resources working on reports.

Similarly if you were to install a Custom Software this could well turn out to be complex and costly and also restricting any changes or upgrades.

However with Transec’s patented self-forming and self healing universal applications networking platform all an operations manager needs to do is select any machine then add Transec SDK (software development kit) to the machine drivers which will enable all data from the machine to be available on Transec’s universal dashboard.

Some of the best applications for their service include Milk processing plants, pharma cos, refineries, fertilizer cos all of which look to enhance their yield. The startup currently is working on a Pilot project with a US based company and is also working with AP government’s health dept for creating a smart pill box. Enabled with a chip and connected to internet this pill box will provide free flowing information to the health dept in order to better monitor the medicine intake and inventory.

In terms of revenue Spatika charges, a onetime set up fee and then has a recurring subscription fee charged monthly/yearly.

Below is a Snapshot of the Company:

Founder’s: Mr Ken Wada, Mr Murthy Ivaturi & Srinivas Maddala

Incubated at:  NASSCOM CoE, Visakhapatnam

Industry / Space: Industrial IOT

Number of Team Members: 5

Funding Received: Not as yet

Looking for: Mentorship, Industry problems

Claim to Fame: Winners of NASSCOM’s All India Manufacturing innovation challenge 2021

Market of Operation: Global

Revenues: Rs 15-20 lakhs (annual)

Company’s culture:

Aggressive        Easy Going          Methodical

PTIM (Person that inspires me): Mr Bill Gates. It is the enormous impact that he has created across the world through his innovation of OS and other applications.


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