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Fast-paced technology advancements and the prowess to master them have become a life imperative. With our lives rapidly transforming into ‘digital lives’, having a keen understanding of its functioning can be an added benefit. 

 To bridge the skill gap between academia and the student community, a start-up named THEDIGIFAC is making strides by equipping youth with an understanding of low-code technology. 

 Founded by Mr. Amal Raj Pukkella, an alumnus of Andhra University-Visakhapatnam envisions huge potential in low-code technology. ‘Gone are the days when it was apprehended that only software techies could code and solve software challenges’ said Mr. Amal Raj. 

 Today the technologically inclined world needs more professionals who can develop applications and websites that are efficient when compared with complex coding technologies, added the founder. 

 Low code is a software development approach with a graphical interface that requires mere or no coding knowledge instead of puzzled programming languages.  

 Reiterating the immense scope of low-code automation, Mr. Amal noted that we just need to bridge the talent gap between academia and the student community. 

 Hence through his start-up, he has created an opportunity for the students of AU Engg. college to learn, work, and get employed through his win-win model of business since 2020. 

 The students can avail of its internship opportunities free of cost and help themselves to upskill and see new avenues of employment. 

 “We want to evolve as a leading globalized training partner, develop enterprise-based software, share expertise and help our customers achieve their vision of transforming themselves towards the digital sphere,” says Mr. Amal. 

 Mr. Amal also delivers IT solutions catering to every aspect of the technological and operational demands of growing professionals and business giants. With tailored digital transformative solutions, the start-up claims to have served clients like TCS, Cognizant, Capgemini, Deloitte, LTI, KPMG, etc.  

Below is a brief snapshot of the Startup:

Founder’s Names : Amal Raj Pukkella

Incubated/Started (Year):  2020

Industry / Space: Bespoke software development technology

Number of Team Members : 15

Funding Received : Bootstrapped

Claim to Fame :  Best training award, Asia Pacific 2022.

Market of Operation: Australia, India, Europe

Revenues: Rs.2-5 Cr. annually

Company’s culture :

Aggressive        Methodical   Easy Going

PTIM (Person that inspires me):  Parents! Because they have taught the way of life.


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