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IRS undertakes classification services at GSL

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Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), is providing classification services for two major new construction ‘naval’ projects at Goa Shipyard Ltd.

As per a release from IRS a 120m long Floating Dock is being built for the Sri Lankan Navy, under a grant from India.  The design and construction of the Floating Dock will be certified by IRS, which will bring to bear its prior experience in certification of floating docks.

The second project comprises “New Generation” Offshore Patrol Vessels (NGOPVs) for the Indian Navy. These ships are designed to strengthen maritime security by undertaking a multitude of operational roles, both in ‘blue water’ and in the littorals. These roles include seaward defence, protection of offshore assets, EEZ patrol, mine warfare, and anti-piracy missions. The vessels will be built as per GSL’s in-house design and fitted with the most modern equipment. The design of the NGOPVs also incorporates complex naval combatant vessel features. The vessels will be validated by a well-qualified IRS team, experienced in technical analysis and stealth studies.

Cdr KK Dhawan, Head Defence IRS said “This is a testimony to the close professional cooperation between Goa Shipyard Ltd and IRS.  IRS is increasingly expanding its role in India’s defence sector and these new projects are another significant step forward.”


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