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‘Employees deserve decent working conditions’

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It is stated that 94% of the Indian workers are in the un-organized sector thereby eliminating them from any type of social safety net benefits they can avail of.

Moreover it is said that only 4 percent of MSMEs are job creators of which around 70% are micro enterprises employing less than 10 employees.

Due to lack of an organized framework many times employees interests are often neglected and not given due attention.

PSEI i.e. Promoting Sustainable Enterprises in India under the International labour organization is a project to support Indian Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to sustainably integrate into the global supply chain in alignment to Decent Work (DW) agenda, and generate more and better quality jobs while also making MSMEs more productive and competitive.

The PSEI project currently being implemented by two partner states i.e. Andhra Pradesh and Odisha targets potential entrepreneurs such as youth, women and artisans specifically in the garments and food processing sector in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Project PSEI

Aims to inculcate quality jobs, by providing a safe workplace with decent working conditions

Only 4 % MSMEs job creators

– Of which 70% are micro enterprises employing less than 10 employees

It was to create awareness of this program that a team of ILO officials were recently in the city of destiny, Visakhapatnam wherein they held a session in association with other partners such as FICCI, AIOE & KOICA.

Emphasising the need for better working conditions and overall employee well being Mr Satashi Sasaki, Deputy Director, ILO Decent work team for South Asia and country office India said that the focus needs to be on creating sustainable enterprises.

‘Providing jobs is important however jobs too need to be good for employees. Protection of employee interest is paramount as this not only is essential from a job satisfaction point of view but also significantly helps in ramping up productivity’ said Mr Sasaki speaking to Vizag Industrial Scan.

He underscored the need for having decent working conditions for employees from providing basic and adequate infrastructure to the number of working hours to providing social security etc.

Advocating for the immediate implementation of these he said that consumers and businesses abroad look at these aspects keenly while buying.

The PSEI program aims to achieve the following outcomes:
MSME policy initiatives are effectively designed and implemented, enhancing their market responsiveness to promote sustainable enterprises and integration in the global supply chain, Indian youths are equipped with entrepreneurial skills and generate decent jobs, Indian MSMEs demonstrate responsible management practices and build sustainable business management system with increased productivity.



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