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‘Companies need to adapt to an Employee 1st strategy’

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Randstad India recently made a big announcement in Vizag declaring the launch of a Rs 500 million facility in the city of destiny, Visakhapatnam.

For a recruitment company like Randstad that is a pretty big announcement. However, this also highlights the surging demand for qualified and trained manpower that both the city and country on a whole have been gasping for.

Employers have time and again yearned for job ready and skilled workers. And in the last few years this need has gotten even more glaring with the changing dynamics at the workplace.

‘Talent is getting scarcer. Despite being a 1.4 billion population job readiness remains to be a pertinent issue. Employers need to go where talent is’ said Randstad India’s CEO & MD Mr Viswanath PS speaking exclusively to Vizag Industrial Scan.

Elaborating further he said that companies today need to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of their employees.

Randstad in Vizag

To have 300 FTEs (Full Time Employees)

Vizag A hub of potential candidates equipped with futuristic technologies like: Python, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Full Stack Development, Animation/Graphics Randstad India research

Has more than 1500 non-IT staff placed in Andhra Pradesh to service various clients across industries

Randstad Vizag to give impetus to IT cos in this region

‘Today talent is King not customer. Therefore, employers need to adapt to an employee 1st strategy. Job flexibility/work life balance is important to them. Companies thus have to be flexible in hiring. Digital transformation/automation is here to stay,’ said Mr Viswanath.

Randstad India, division of Dutch-based Randstad Holding NV, a Dutch multinational human resource consulting firm headquartered in the Netherlands has been a key player in the organized job market in India.

‘We put 70,000 people to work every day pan India’ said Randstad’s chief people officer, Ms Anjali Raghuvanshi.

And with attrition being high in many sectors the company also trains and upskills its workforce.

Randstad India hires freshers right out of campus and then puts them on Randstad’s payroll post which they go to work for other companies.

‘We also have a skilling academy wherein through the virtual platform we have trained 7000-8000 people over 3 years’ informed Mr Viswanath.

Booming Demand
Commenting on the general demand in hiring he said that there is significant hiring demand across all sectors and highlighted Technology/IT, Engineering, BFSI, Finance & Accounts, Pharma/Healthcare to be some of the key growth sectors.

In regards to Andhra Pradesh the Dutch human resource company has mega plans for the state. With an estimated investment of Rs 500 million over the next 3 years it aims to hire 300 FTEs (full time employees).  These FTEs shall inturn hire over 3000 freshers across India per annum. The Randstad facility in Vizag is also being anticipated to give a big boost to the IT sector in this region so that more IT companies can establish here while having significant availability of skilled manpower.




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