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AP’s Commercial Taxes dept. adorns its officers thru Incentive awards

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Calls to boost efficiency, compliance & revenue growth

The state’s Finance Minister, Mr Buggana Rajendranath recently distributed incentive awards to the department’s 195 meritorious officers and staff in various categories.

As per the government the newly introduced Incentive Awards within the Commercial Taxes Department aims to boost efficiency, encourage compliance, and recognize excellence in areas like revenue growth and innovation.

These awards signify the commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation among our dedicated tax officials, said an official release from the commercial taxes department of the state government.

A total of 195 meritorious officers and staff in various categories were selected through a transparent selection process for the year 2023, celebrating their outstanding contributions.

The introduction of incentive awards within the Commercial Taxes (CT) Department is driven by a multifaceted set of objectives to enhance overall efficiency, foster compliance, and promote excellence in various functional areas.

These awards are strategically aligned with the goals of driving revenue growth, streamlining processes, improving the quality of audits and enforcement functions, nurturing innovation, and delivering excellent taxpayer services. 

The CT Department aims to establish a more effective, taxpayer-centric tax administration system by linking incentives to these objectives.

The incentive structure establishes a proactive approach to compliance, reducing tax evasion and contributing to higher overall compliance levels.

Furthermore, by incentivizing high-quality audits, effective enforcement actions, and successful prosecution of tax evaders, a deterrent effect is created, helping to reduce tax evasion and contributing to a fair and transparent tax administration system. 

Additionally, specific awards are earmarked for significant parameters such as audit, inspection, innovations, adjudication orders, article contributions, case study preparation, legal case wins, and master trainers, with a rigorous selection process involving proposals, documentary proof submission, and formal interviews conducted by a committee of officials and experts.


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